Unwavering Spirit

10.14 - 1.23.2023

Reception: November 3, 2022 from 6:30-9:00pm

The Shelley Hoon Keith Gallery at Curry College in Milton, MA is proud to present, Unwavering Spirit, a new exhibition of portraits and interviews by artist Faith Ninivaggi documents and presents Boston area students affected by the war in Ukraine. Far from home, from the onset of the Russian invasion, this young generation banded together in solidarity to support one another and raise awareness about their besieged home nation. Ninivaggi’s photos capture their perseverance and strength amidst uncertainty and fear. The portraits demand the viewer’s attention, and for a brief moment instill a calm into the subject’s life; a respite from the ongoing war. These young Ukrainians turned activists for their people, country and culture now recognize that the skills and knowledge they came to the U.S. to learn will be critical in helping to rebuild a better and stronger Ukraine. As our country grows numb to the horrors abroad these portraits and their words remind us that their stories matter. The viewer cannot and should not, look away from these photographs, and the truths they present.


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